Why Magiktea?

palo azul fluorescence

This wasn't just any tea...

I still remember the first time I saw palo azul's unbelievable fluorescence for the first time. It was just tea...but it was unlike anything I had ever seen before! Palo azul tea is so fascinating, that it even amazed the great Isaac Newton, and it was presented as a gift to royalty. The more I read about palo azul, the more I realized this wasn't just any tea...it was the most magical tea in the world!

I couldn't believe that so many people didn't know about this fluorescent and healthy tea. When I started sharing palo azul with my friends and family, they were all amazed by it and countless people asked me, “how have I never heard of this tea before!?”

I realized that the same awe and happiness that I felt every time I drank palo azul tea was missing in other people’s lives....and the same health benefits that I get from it, should be enjoyed by everybody.

 Same Benefits as Green Tea with Limitless Beauty!

palo azul tea benefits

After reading dozens of studies on palo azul tea, I found that it basically has the same beneficial properties as green tea because it's rich in polyphenols. The main difference is that palo azul is caffeine-free, and it's alkaline. And with palo azul, you get to experience something that no other drink in the world can provide.... Limitless beauty!

Sharing Health & Happiness

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I felt like I had to share palo azul with others because I believe that everyone deserves to experience palo azul's magic. But this wasn’t just about sharing a cool looking tea...it was also about sharing health!

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the most magical tea in the world, and with this great fortune, came an even greater sense of duty to share it with as many people as possible. My wish is that the same health and happiness that the beautiful splendor of palo azul brings to me, can be experienced by people everywhere.

Magiktea Expo West

This is why my brother and I exhibited at Expo West in 2023, which is the largest natural food & beverage trade show in the world. Thanks to the connections we made there, Magiktea became the first company to introduce palo azul in U.S. health food chains such as Erewhon, Bristol Farms, Lassens, Lazy Acres, and Clark's Nutrition. 


The Impossible Exists Only in Our Imagination

palo azul fluorescence

Right now, we live in a world in which a healthy, fluorescent tea that looks like the Aurora Borealis exists only in our imaginations...We want to change that world. Because the impossible exists only in our imagination...and anything is possible with a little magic! 😉

This is why my family supported me in my decision to quit my job and start Magiktea to share palo azul with others... so that everyone can enjoy Mother Nature's most magical tea!

Julian Tcherassi Magiktea founder

Julian Tcherassi
Founder & CEO


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