Palo Azul Green Juice Recipe

palo azul tea green juice

80 calories, super nutritious, and delicious!

I’m a huge fan of green juices and have experimented with many recipes. Here I will share my favorite recipe that I drink almost every day because it is supercharged with nutrients and has only 76 calories. I blend all the ingredients and drink it with the fiber but if you prefer you can remove the pulp with a sift or you can use a juicer instead of a blender.


palo azul tea green juice recipe fruits spinach celery

1 cup of spinach = 7 calories

2-4 stalks of celery = 15 calories

1/2 cup (60g) strawberries & blueberries (or 1 apple) = 50 calories

1 teaspoon of cocoa = 10 calories

1 cup of tea palo azul = 0 calories

(Optional) 1 teaspoon of ginger or turmeric 

(Optional) A teaspoon of cayenne pepper to add a spicy flavor 

These are the percentages of the nutrients based on the daily recommended levels 

= only 80 calories!

 palo azul tea green juice

These are the percentages of nutritional values based on the daily recommended intakes:

1020% Vitamin K

141% Vitamin C

105% Vitamin A

101% Manganese

25% Vitamin E

84% Folate 

41% Magnesium 

36% Iron 

34% Copper 

37% Vitamin B2 

30% Vitamin B6

24% Potassium 

10% Fiber 


Now you see why it’s my favorite? In addition to all these nutrients, I get the incredible benefits of palo azul and that's why I try to drink this recipe every day of the week!


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