Why is Palo Azul Not Turning Blue?

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There are 5 reasons...

  1. Shine light: Palo azul's blue color is caused by the phenomenon of fluorescence, which means that it needs to absorb light in order to turn blue. Try pouring palo azul tea in a glass cup so that it can absorb light and shine your phone's flashlight in every angle. 
  2. Alkaline water: Palo azul will only reveal its blue fluorescence when it is prepared with alkaline water (pH 7+). Cheap bottled waters are usually acidic, so try preparing it with alkaline water. We recommend using spring water because it's naturally alkaline. 
  3. Boiling too much: A 2018 article mentions that boiling water can slightly lower its pH and it make it acidic. Try brewing it with less intense heat or microwaving a cup of water with a few palo azul chips. 
  4. Not enough palo azul: If the tea looks very light and yellowish, it is not concentrated enough and you probably didn't use enough palo azul for the amount of water you prepared.
  5. Low flavonoid concentration: Lastly, it could be that the concentration of flavonoids in your palo azul is too low. Flavonoids are the natural polyphenols which are responsible for palo azul's (and many other plant's and animal's) fluorescence. Magiktea sources palo azul exclusively from a USDA Organic certified supplier and all our product is tested for optimal quality, so it will always look beautiful, blue, and magical! 😉

Palo Azul's Magical Fluorescence

Here, you can see how palo azul's magical fluorescence shines intensely because of the sunlight which it absorbs.

palo azul intense fluorescence

* Fun fact: This same phenomenon that gives palo azul its blue color is also what gives Aurora Borealis its extraordinary beauty. Aurora Borealis also absorbs sunlight and other energy from outer space through Earth’s magnetic field.

It captures energy particles from the Sun and when these particles reach Earth’s magnetic field, they strike the atoms with such force that its electrons are excited into a higher energy state. As an article beautifully describes, “it's this microscopic turmoil, miles above the Earth's surface, that gives the northern lights their eerie glow.

aurora borealis and palo azul tea

Fluorescence in Nature

Mother nature truly is the greatest artist! We actually wrote an article about Fluorescence in Nature, in which we explore naturally occurring fluorescence in many animals, plants, and even minerals!  


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Pretty magical right? 😉

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